What is SOLO Magazine all about?

SOLO’s mission is to Strengthen the Single Parent Family

There are Five Main Factors that research has shown that if practiced in families and supported by communities, businesses, and governments, will not only serve to keep them strong and resilient, promote family strength, reduce child abuse and neglect, promote optimal child and youth development, but will inoculate these Families against the Divorce Epidemic for generations to come.

These Five Protective Factors are:

1. Enhance Parental Resilience
Resilience is the ability to manage and bounce back from challenges that every family faces. It means discovering ways to probe solve, build and sustain trusting relationships, and knowing when to seek help when necessary.

2. Social Connections
Friends, Family members, neighbors, and community members provide emotional support, offer parenting advice, help solve problems, and give solid assistance to parents. Social connections and the networks a parent has access to ae essential and provide opportunities for people to give back. It’s an important part of developing self-esteem and benefits communities. Isolated families may need extra help in order to reach out and build relationships.

3. Concrete Support in Times of Need
Meeting basic economic needs like food, water, shelter, clothing, and health care is essential for families to thrive. When families encounter a crisis such as domestic violence, mental illness or substance abuse, support and services need to be in place to provide stability, treatment, and help for family members to get through the crisis.

4. Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development
Accurate information about child development and appropriate expectations for children’ behavior at every age help parents understand their children and youth in a positive light ad promote their healthy development. Studies show that information is most effective when it comes at the precise time parents need it to understand their own children. Parents who experienced harsh discipline in their childhood may need extra help to change parenting patters they learned as a child.

5. Social and Emotional Competence of Children
A child’s or youth’s ability to interact positively with others, self-regulate their behavior and effectively community their feelings have a positive impact on the relationships with their family. Challenging behaviors or delayed development create extra stress for families, so early identification and assistance for both parents and children can head off negative results and keep development on track.

These Protective Factors are not easy to master as an individual. It takes the collaboration of an entire community to contribute what resources they have to create (this is where the art comes into play) a strong, thriving family – especially a single parent family.

There are six areas or sectors of our community that need to offer their strength and support for families everywhere. We call them the Pillars of our Communities and they are:

1. Faith Based Organizations

2. Government Agencies

3. Businesses

4. Non-profit Organizations

5. Educational Institutes

6. Health and Wellness Sector

SOLO Magazine is a Champion for the Single Parent Family and we are striving to rally these 6 pillars to support our single parent families and introduce the Five Protective Factors to our families to serve and protect them.

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