Exclusive Offer For Singles!


Attention Singles! We have an exclusive deal for you!

Based on years of research, experience and expertise, we’ve designed an exclusive program to help you enhance your skills and abilities to attract the wrong men/women into your life!

Not only will you attract the wrong person upon graduating from my program, but we can show you how you can change them to make them fit the ideal that YOU want in a man or woman!

Our program offers 7 basic packages:

  1. The Disney Prince/Princess Package: We will help you ignore the red flags so that the wrong person will appear to be a Prince or Princess in disguise with lots of potential worthy of your love and attention to make them become something they are truly not!
  2. The Wounded Dove package: We will show you how to appear so helpless and depressed that any man or woman will feel compelled to rush to your side to offer you comfort and love to help you overcome the heartbreak of a recent break up with your “crazy and abusive ex”.
  3. The Terminally Ill Package:  Using the Law of Attraction, we will help you develop a nutritionally poor diet and show you how to find negative/unhealthy friends to make you as sick as possible so as to require being rescued by your next “soul mate” (This can include developing tonsillitis, appendectomy, anemia, depression, etc.)
  4. The Whirlwind Romance Package: We can show you how to skip all the steps of building a relationship and just get to the “cuddling phase” just in time for your next Netflix binge.
  5. Chameleon Package:  This package involves guided steps in creating multiple accounts on online dating sites or apps with different personas and pictures to attract ANY special person that is also looking for a short-term dysfunctional relationship.
  6. Green Card Package: If you’re a foreigner looking to immigrate to the US, we have a special package just for you! This month only the Green Card Package is 50% off. This package will teach you the finer art of deception, emotional manipulation, and control.  We will show you how to make yourself appear financially independent and how to flatter your potential Green Card Provider to make them fall head over heels for you within 4 short weeks. We will also teach you how to spot the right candidate for you to target and how to buy expensive looking engagement rings at dirt cheap prices to seal the deal as quickly as possible!
  7. Custody Battle Package:  For those who are in the middle of a custody battle, we’ve got a little known secret you can use to win that battle (this works best for men). We can show you how to sweet talk any woman into coming to the rescue of caring for your kids so you can date other women or focus on your business. This will drive your ex crazy and cause her to look really bad in court! The more you push your kids and your new woman together, the more bonkers your ex will become! You’ll have full custody of your kids in no time!  This is the funnest package as it will also drive your kids crazy too!

Yes – you too can create a miserable relationship with a practical stranger by signing up for my online program where I will teach you all the necessary steps to create your special heartbreaking dysfunctional relationship.

As a special bonus, the first class, How to Sign up for an Online Dating App, is free!  You will need to provide 6 or 8 types of pictures as described below.  These are critical in order to attract the man or woman of your dreams!

For the Guys, you will need:

1. Lots of pictures with your sunglasses on so women can’t see your face clearly as you need to look like a mysterious “bad boy”.

2. If you’re married and the best pictures of you are with your wife, no worries! We can crop her out of the photo or put an emoji picture over her face. Wedding pictures are the best since you look really good in a Tuxedo

3. If you don’t have pictures of yourself posing with a live tiger or a dead animal of any type, I highly recommend it as women find exotic animals, dead or alive very appealing to look at as they assess your worth as a husband. If you only have pictures of your fish catch of the day, that will work as well too, as women typically love the smell of fish and have a natural instinct to want to clean and gut the fish for you.  She will also fantasize about fishing trips with you!

4. Exotic locations with other women in the picture is a huge turn on for classy women.  If you can look slightly drunk and nasty, a good woman won’t be able to resist ya!

5. Early morning close-up selfies of your face so women can see how you look when you first wake up in the morning is very stylish, as well as shirtless in bed covered from neck to waist in tattoos you got in prison or in the boy’s bathroom in Jr. high school.

6. Pictures of you snuggling with all of your children or just of your children really appeal to the maternal instincts of women who make them want to just rush over to your house and bake cookies for your kidlings as well as love them and treat them as her very own. Chances are she has a bunch of young’ns herself, but her ex will take care of them while she takes cares of yours!

7. Selfies taken of you working out in the gym, (surreptitiously) are great too as they will show a woman you really know what it means to be a good “provider and protector”.  The bigger the steroid pumped muscles, the better. Make sure to include a picture of yourself standing in front of a mirror admiring yourself.  Women go crazy for narcissists!

8. Torso shots of your bare chest are great too, especially if you have a beer gut.  If you’re a working professional make sure you crop out your head or any other identifying mark so that your patients, clients, or co-workers won’t know it’s you looking for a quickie!

9. If you’re LDS (Mormon), please include pictures of you baptizing your child, or standing with your young men’s group at church. Nothing turns an LDS woman on faster for phone sex than sending her a deluge of “Churchy” pictures.

10. Mirror pictures of you in a dirty bathroom or bedroom makes a woman feel you are a slob and in desperate need of being taken care of. Make sure your bathroom mirrors are dirty and the toilet seat is up and not flushed!  This will fire up her “cleaning” instincts and make you very desirable.

And Ladies! We haven’t forgotten about you! We know what guys really want and desire in a loving and dedicated wife. A woman who possess these qualities in photos for online dating will inspire a man to provide for her and protect her and her children. He will love her like none else and practically worship the ground she walks on. He will work night and day and give her the kind of loving she deserves!

Ladies for our first class, you will need to provide the following types of pictures:

1. Photos of you drunk out of your mind, posing with a bunch of your girlfriends. Make sure you are scantily clad as the men who make great husbands love knowing that other men get a free view of your assets without any effort! This will also let a guy know that you’re “a fun and adventurous girl”. And, if you have a good-looking girlfriend in the picture with you, men will naturally assume it’s you.  You’ve got a first date scored already!

2. Boob shots are the best. Nothing screams “I’m a good mother” to classy guys than making sure your boobs are front and center in all your photos!  Ladies with small boobs, don’t despair, you can pad your bra and/or get a boob job to bait ANY man, because we all know that men ONLY care about the boobs!  It’s what makes a woman, a woman, and nothing else!

3. If you have a gun, make sure you pose with it in an aggressive manner. You need to show men that you don’t need them to protect and provide for you (never mind that men are hardwired to do that).  You don’t need a chauvinistic pig making you feel weak and helpless!  So, strap on that Ruger and show your grit!

4. Take selfies from a high angle to make your face look slimmer and your eyes look bigger and more innocent. This angle also allows for cleavage shots! Don’t forget the all time favorite “duck lips” pose. Guys really love those big pursed lips!!

5. If you’re 50 pounds or more overweight, make sure to crop out the bulges and just show yourself from the shoulders up. Use photo shop to slim other areas if you want to show more body.

6. If you have daughters, especially cute ones, make sure you get lots of pictures of them too! Un-classy Guys love looking at beautiful females of all ages!

7.  The less dressed you are in your photos, the more men you will attract, and the more men, means more choices!

8. If you do yoga, even better! Guys love to see those exotic poses in all sorts of locations around the world. And they’d love a private lesson or two from you!

9. Posing with snakes is sexy and makes a classy guy think of you as the perfect woman to show off to his colleagues and family, especially if he is a lawyer, politician, or doctor!

10. Pictures of you kissing other women, or posing suggestively with other women in school girl uniforms, or other provocative costumes, makes a man think you are the perfect woman to raise his children in a wholesome environment and take care of his castle!

So, sign up today! What are you waiting for? The sooner you sign up the sooner you too can enjoy a short, dysfunctional and completely miserable relationship!

As an added bonus, we will send you our eBook, “Love them, Stalk them” where we teach you the ten things you need to know about how to stalk your love interest so they will know how much you really love them!

And, if you purchase all of our exclusive packages, we will privately coach you how to have multiple miserable relationships at once by dating two or more women/men at the same time!

Sign up today and start enjoying your miserable relationship with a few days!  100% Guaranteed or your money back!!

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