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As a volunteer based magazine, SOLO is looking for people with a passion for helping people, in this case, the Single Parent Family. We are a fun group of volunteers that love connecting with the community and help make the lives of Single Parent Families stronger and better. We do this through informative articles and interviews, as well as various special events for Single Parents and Single Parent Families.

We are growing faster than we can currently keep up with and we’re looking for enthusiastic and emphatic volunteers to fill the roles of the following part-time openings (2 to 5 hours a week):

  1. Managing Editor: Coordinates editorial art and production to ensure that the magazine is turning out each issue of the magazine in acceptable form and on time. Also in charge of copy-editing, proofreading, making sure that broad plans are in place for editorial content a year in advance.
  2. Advertising Director: In charge of selling advertising in the magazine through direct selling and promotional activities.
  3. Circulation Director: In charge of circulation marketing efforts, fulfills subscriptions, manages single-copy sales, obtaining and renewing subscriptions.
  4. Writers/Reporters: In charge of writing fun, informative and educational articles, as well as conducting interviews with successful single parents on the following topics:
    1. Physical Health (Nutrition, Exercise, Stress Management)
    2. Spirituality (Value Clarification and Commitment, Study, Meditation)
    3. Social Connections (Service, Empathy, Synergy, Intrinsic Security)
    4. Careers/Education (Reading, Writing, Visualization, Planning)

Please email with your resume and cover letter.




photo credit: carianoff Hlpwntd via photopin (license)

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