LDS Artist Shines Light on Divorce; Launches New Release to Help Single Parents Cope With Loss

As part of an ongoing movement to encourage discussion regarding divorce and its effects on the Latter-Day Saint (LDS) community, single mom and LDS inspirational artist Melissa Burke has released a new single entitled “Right Where I’m Supposed to Be.”

​ Written and produced by renowned LDS producer, songwriter and composer Tyler Castleton, the new song speaks to an ability to find peace during heartbreaking situations, such as divorce.
​“The goal of this new release is to create a channel of open communication that will help other single parents in the Church understand that they are not alone,” Burke says.
​President Gordon B. Hinckley spoke about the dire effects of divorce in a General Conference as early as 1991, calling it a “plague among us, which seems to be growing everywhere.”
​“As a life-long member of the church, I grew up with the promise that families can be together forever,” explains Burke. “I honestly believed that I was exempt from the difficulties of divorce. The fact is, no one is exempt, and it’s important that we come together as church members to discuss and heal.”
​Burke launched an online movement in 2015 entitled Becoming Whole Again: Healing Heartbreak Through Christ, through which she shares messages of hope and faith via social media platforms. She also created a one-woman musical fireside, directed by LDS actress and director Christy Summerhays, which has now been performed nationwide in order to spread her message of healing.
​“The truth is, it’s difficult to be a divorced, single parent in a church that focuses on family,” Burke says. “You feel different, and in some ways, inadequate, as though you are not achieving the goals that are expected. That is exactly why this message is so important. As a community, we need to recognize that divorce does happen, and that we can still be strong, faithful members of the LDS community and work together to heal.”
​Burke has spent nearly 10 years as a single mother of three daughters, and she is also a child of divorce.


​Her new song, “Right Where I’m Supposed to Be,” is available on iTunes, Spotify, and YouTube.
​Produced by Tyler Castleton and Executive Produced by Dennis Michels, the single was recorded by Michael Greene of Metcom Studios in Salt Lake City and Stoker White of Soularium Studios in Alpine, Utah.
​Packaged CDs are available for purchase via email at CDs cost $5 (shipping included), and are offered as “buy one get one free” in keeping with the song’s intention.
​“The mission of this movement and this new release is to ‘mourn with those that mourn and comfort those that stand in need of comfort,’” says Burke. “My hope is to provide the opportunity for others to share this important message through music when words fail.”


About The Artist
Melissa Burke is an LDS Inspirational Artist and founder of the Becoming Whole Again: Healing Heartbreak Through Christ movement. Her first album, titled “The Gift of God In You,” was distributed by Deseret Book Music and has been performed in states throughout the U.S. Burke has also been a featured artist on The Mormon Channel. For additional details or to book a musical fireside performance, contact her at
​More information is available via Facebook and Instagram at @MelissaBurkeOfficial and @healingheartbreakmovement.

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  1. Jan "Janci" Hartley

    Melissa has been an inspiration to take her life’s painful disappointments and use them to seek to bravely share in order to benefit the healing of others. In so doing she has been able to gain the blessings of a more peaceful understanding for herself as well. Her music is beautifully sung and it
    will touch you wherever you are on your journey.

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