Maybe You Will Meet Someone?

By Claudia Pohl
I do not know what it is with the others, wanting us singles / divorcees to “meet someone”! Are we a threat while we are single? Do they fear we are after their partners or worse, might put crazy ideas into their heads such as “being single can be so much fun, why am I still married, I need to get out!”?
Why in the world are they are they so determined to find someone for us? You can not meet someone without them telling you that they have a cousin, brother, friend, ex-husband and whomever that would simply be PERFECT for you! If you do take them up on that offer and meet those men, well, with some of them it is pretty clear right during the first ten minutes why they are not hitched yet or not anymore – and you feel almost offended that your friend, co-worker, mother, or whoever else felt the calling to hook you up, even suggested that person for you – do they really think we are that desperate?
Don’t get me wrong, sometime in the future, it would be nice to have a partner in my life, maybe, maybe not. But I do not feel any less awesome now just because I am by myself! I actually happen to enjoy my life, abundantly and with a lot of fun and adventures. I do not feel wanting, though maybe longing sometimes, but I am at a point in my life where I rather be single for the right reason than being married because someone thinks I ought to be.
There is a whole world out there, waiting for me to explore it, and I tend to do as much of it as possible…, when I voice this, there it is again “What if you meet someone while you are on the road, wouldn’t that be awesome? Like, meant to be? You, traveling all this way to meet the love of your life?” and then they get this dreamy look in their eyes and I am wondering whose fairy tale they are cooking up right now – mine or theirs? Why can’t a woman just travel by herself because she actually likes to? Does she have to have the goal of finding Mister Right on her journey? Sometimes it is hard enough to find a restaurant to eat at in another country or a bar that offers karaoke, do I really also want to stress myself with the hunt for a future husband – worldwide?
This woman is flying solo and liking it, and if somewhere in the universe is “the one” for, well, he better have a passport and come find me, because I am not really looking right now – am too busy observing the scenery and taking it all in, enjoying life to the fullest and eating gelato while I am at it.
Then again, that guy behind the ice-cream counter looked really yummy…, wonder if he is single, too?!

photo credit: Vincent Price, Gene Tierney, Leave Her to Heaven, 1945 via photopin (license)

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