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Single Parents are superheros, doing extraordinary things because life demands it. We don’t have a choice and often life seems overwhelming and unsure, but we muddle through somehow. SOLO Magazine understands this since we’re single parents too! That’s why we create SOLO Magazine.

Each issue is packed with information and resources that a Single Parent needs to navigate the complex lifestyle of a Single Parent Family.  We cover tough topics like custody battles, addictions, blended families, mental health and well-being, part-time parenting, and more.  We have interviews with Celebrity Singles and Single parents who managed to figure out how to survive and thrive post divorce and willing to share their stories. We gather information on available resources and make recommendations – and we try to keep this as low-cost as possible, but we still have to cover the printing of the magazine and distributing it.

The magazine is free to download on-line.  If you’re like us, and want a physical copy in your hands to read, then we’re offering a years subscription for only $20 (4 issues).

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