The Myth of Good Men

By Greg Miskin

CR and I had seen each other a few times but she kept being surprised by my actions. Like opening doors, helping with her coat, listening to her, being open and honest. She said she wasn’t used to it.

“What kind of guys have you been dating?” I asked. She shrugged, and it occurred to me that she may not know what I was talking about.

The next day, I sent her the link to 15 Signs You’re With a Good Man. It was a revelation to her, that enough such men exist to warrant an entire article. Until I came along, she had not experienced most of the fifteen points, which still hurts my heart to contemplate. She’s far from alone on that, which I consider tragic on an epic scale.

Every good woman deserves to be with a good man. Use this knowledge to raise your expectations. Stop dating guys and start dating men. Please.

This is also a useful reminder to the good men out there. Keep working on yourself. Someday a really great woman will appreciate these qualities.


photo credit: Mao & Qian via photopin (license)

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